About Sandia Havanese:

Welcome to Sandia Havanese. Home of happy, healthy, well socialized Havanese dogs and puppies. Our breeding philosophy stems from our commitment to the Havanese breed standard, genetics, health, and personality. All litters are carefully planned with the goal of strengthening the Havanese breed and improving the gene pool. Our pups have champion bloodlines, beauty, amazing personalities, and high intelligence. We plan each litter with the guidance of data and information from the Canine Genetics Diversity program within the University of California/ Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory. The VGL provides parentage verification, genetic diagnostics, and genetic disease research and is internationally recognized as a pioneer and expert in DNA-based animal testing.


My name is Dana Robertson. I am a small scale but serious breeder of Havanese dogs. I grew up with animals in our home…cats, dogs, gerbils, birds, fish, turtles…always loved and nurtured as if they were family. My youth was devoted to horses with showing and (non-kill) fox hunting, but college forced a bit of a hiatus to my hands~on animal life. However, as soon as I could, I took my childhood kitty with me to college and got myself a dog. You can take the girl from the animal but you cant take the animal from the girl!

My first experience with breeding took place in my early twenties with a gorgeous Doberman named Countessa. She was an amazing and friendly girl who whelped 13 beautiful pups. I learned from her how amazing and instinctual dog whelping is and, with that first litter, I was hooked!

Fast forward twenty years…

Over a period of time I developed a sever allergy to dogs (cats, horses, ­čśŽ ). It became obvious that I would be unable to carry on with animals in my home as I had been throughout my life.  I focused on raising my kids but just couldn’t get doggies out of my brain AND couldn’t shake the sadness of my children growing up without animals.  I heard from my doctor that there were some breeds that seemed to be less allergenic than others, so I looked into that.  Turns out, there ARE breeds that seem to cause less  reactions in people who are allergic to dogs!  After two years of research, I found Sandia, a Lhasa Apso/Poodle mix with whom I fell in love and brought her home at 10 weeks old. She was (and still is) amazing!  She could literally sleep on my face and I had no allergic reaction! Yay! Problem solved, right?  WRONG.  SHE grew to be allergic to everything. She has bad hips, bad elbows, bad jaw, severe under bite, and her allergies led to chronic skin and ear infections.  Our vet said she’s a “genetic nightmare” and was “extremely poorly bred”.  She lives on prescription dog food and prescription allergy medicine, along with steroids and other medications for ear and skin infections. None of her ailments are contagious but all of them cause her discomfort. She is the namesake of the breeding program because her issues are what have fueled my desire to breed responsibly, with genetics and health as my priority; her personality is what inspires me to breed with sweetness and gentleness in mind; and her devotion reminds me how much humans need the companionship of a loving pet. Nothing calms my soul more than a snuggle with my pups!


During my research into “hypo-allergenic” dogs, I came across the Havanese.


It only took one to convince me that this was the perfect breed for me. I purchased Pippa in 2011 and fell head over heals in love with her looks, her personality, and her smarts. She had it all. My only problem with Pippa was that ~ she didn’t live with ME!!! I had given her to my daughter as a college graduation present.

So, I got my own…


Macy is my first Havanese to keep as my very own. She has lived up to every expectation in health, personality, looks…She’s amazing. Thus, her name, Starrdust Simply Amazing. She is my first mamma dog and I am proud to say that she comes from a responsible, successful breeder with whom I have developed a wonderful friendship and partnership in the world of Havanese Breeding. Celeste Starr Frohm of Starrdust Goldens and Havanese ( https://starrdustgoldens.com/ ) has trusted me to continue her impeccable breeding standards and I am proud to take the leash and carry on. Celeste and I co-own Macy and a boy named Comet (CACh Giocoso’s Shooting Star). Together, the two of them have created some lovely little pups!


I plan only 1-2 liters per year. All puppies are raised in my home and are handled with love and affection by my family and, once they’re older, by many friends, including children and adults. Each litter is subjected to a bio-sensory routine from day three through 17, along with daily handling and socializing, textures, sights, sounds, and car rides (when they’re older). They’ll go with me to shop at the feed store and will receive an introduction to some training. I am always available to our puppy families for any questions or concerns. You’ll have a lifetime commitment from me once you become a member of the Sandia Havanese family!